our concrete commitment

The theme of sustainability is increasingly recurring thanks to the growing awareness that the sources we find in nature today, unfortunately, won’t be found forever.


Markets, at a global level, are constantly growing and must cope with the combination that is increasingly topical and that has as protagonists, on the one hand, the exploitation of world resources, while on the other, the speed with which they are renewed.

ROELMI RE wants to do its part and, day after day, works to minimize the environmental impact of its properties by improving, for example, the energy yield and consequently, reducing consumption.


One of the business strategies used by the company is to prefer the renovation of an existing building over the construction of a new one.

This happens because, after a careful study of our surrounding area, it turned out that there are many buildings in disuse and, consequently, it is good to preserve the land plots not yet dedicated to construction.

To ensure continuous and real progress, however, it is necessary to measure the improvements made and above all to have guidelines to follow over time.

Global Agenda

In 2015, the United Nations approved the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development and the related 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with the ultimate aim of achieving them by 2030.

ROELMI RE s particularly in line with what has been written since the great novelty introduced by the 17 objectives is the detachment from an idea of ​​sustainability purely linked to the environment, on the contrary, the latter is positioned close to the economic-social sphere and above all to the person.

goal 9

Building a resilient infrastructure and promoting innovation and fair, responsible and sustainable industrialization.

goal 11

Making the city and human settlements inclusive, safe, long-lasting and sustainable

how we do it

Energy improvement

To carry out an energy improvement, two are the techniques used: modification of energy processes so that there is less waste and transformation of energy from one form to another in a more efficient way.

ROELMI RE, through numerous renovations, aims to improve the properties in its possession not exclusively from a stylistic point of view but, above all, by aiming at functional effectiveness and energy improvement.

ROELMI RE Particular attention, which unites properties with different styles and utilities, is paid to the fixtures, the type of heating and its yield, for both summer and winter.

Hygiene Factors

Hygiene factors are elements that are not easily perceptible, their presence does not lead employees to a higher degree of satisfaction, however, their absence would cause dissatisfaction.

The elements considered are very different one from each other and range from salary to hygiene, up to the surrounding environment and the resulting working conditions.

ROELMI RE Thanks to the study of these factors, Roelmi RE has developed over time the awareness that it is not enough to improve the energy yield to reduce the environmental impact, but it is also necessary to put the person at the centre of all the renovations carried out in order not to forget that the aim of hygiene factors is to increase the well-being of the individual.