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This Cookie Policy concerns the use of Cookies in this website:
Cookies are small text files useful to make the User's browsing experience easier. Cookies are stored by the browser of the "navigator" and then reused if necessary (if you visit a site already visited previously). Cookies are different by type and function.

Cookies are used to improve the functionality and navigation on this Website. In other cases, cookies are used to monitor users while browsing, who record information about what the User buys or may want to buy, to customize the advertising and provide social media functions and analyze traffic. Roelmire S.r.l. does not use profiling cookies; for this reason, the unequivocal consent of the user is not required.

Description and characteristics of cookies

Session cookie

Session Cookies do not require the user's consent. Session Cookies are used for the purpose of making it possible for you to navigate the Website and allow you to use its features. These cookies refer to the "current" session; therefore, et the end of the session, cookie will be deleted.

Session cookies include so-called "permanent cookie", which store some data referring to the user's preferences within the host site. These, will not be deleted when the browser closes but will persist for a defined period of time and, subsequently, will be deleted (the user can delete these cookie of his own free will at any time).

Third-party cookies

Websites may contain third-party cookies that, anonymously and indirectly, collect information about users. These cookies (ex. videos of social platforms - youtube - ), use these information related to statistical, marketing, and other purposes.

Statistical Cookie (es.Google Analitycs)

Statistical Cookie, collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of Users and how they visit Websites. Google Analytics, for example, uses cookie that, usually, do not store personal data. (For more information related to Google Analytics, please consult the following link:

Therefore, consent is not necessary. But, if Google Analytics is combined with other information that Google already has for additional purposes (e.g. profiling), the consent is required. So,the identifyng power of cookie must be reduced as well as its combination with other third – party information.

Profiling cookies

Profiling Cookies are used to create a User profile, based on the preferences and tastes expressed by him while browsing the Internet, and to show him advertising messages consistent with his profile. In this way, the advertisements that you will see on this Website may be of more interest to you. As required by current privacy law, prior consent is required for the installation of such Cookies.

Delete or disable Cookies

The User can manage cookie preferences directly within his browser and avoid third parties from installing their as well. Obviously, disabling all Cookies, the operation of this Site may be compromised.
Each browser has different procedures for managing cookie settings.

Rights of Data Subject

In accordance with artt. 15-22 GDPR, data subject can exercise his rights to protect his personal data. Users can exercise the rights:
mail to: Roelmire S.r.l., con sede ad Origgio (VA), Via Celeste Milani, 24/26, 21040 CAP 21040.
e-mail to:
For the complete list of the rights of the data subject, please refer to the Privacy policy.

Cookie policy reviewed: November 23 2020