about us

Our group strenght, sustainability and innovation

ROELMI RE was born from the desire to protect the environment today to allow a better life tomorrow.

Group And History

The constant commitment to pursuing this will, to make it grow and become a reality, is essential. The company found its roots at the beginning of the twenty-first century and, after several evolutions, it is today the real estate component able to provide the necessary structures for the work of the various subsidiaries which are part of its own group.

ROELMI Group is controlled and managed in its entirety by a family that permeates all its subsidiaries with its principles. The key is to pursue common values and adapt them to different companies, from research to production and distribution, up to Real Estate.

Trust, collaboration, transparency, safety and sustainability are just some of the guidelines pursued.


Position the person as a whole at the centre of all structures with particular attention to the environmental impact.


ROELMI RE makes its pillars the guidelines for every action, with the aim of creating functional and human-sized work environment.

ROELMI RE projects each activity carried out in a future scenario which reflects the ideals of the entire group: collaborators and customers’ satisfaction, guarantee of quality and safety, Business sustainability.

ROELMI RE sets itslef the goal, one brick at a time, created or renovated, to improve the internal and external work environment by placing the person at the center of everything.

ROELMI RE makes its pillars the guidelines for each of its actions, with the aim of creating functional and human-sized work environments.

ROELMI RE projects every activity carried out into a future scenario that reflects the ideals of the entire group, satisfaction employees and customers, quality and safety guarantee, corporate sustainability



Recognition of moral, social and legal norms with consequent abstinence from offensive or possibly harmful acts towards those who work for us and with us.


Honesty and consistency in the daily work, not as an isolated case but as a temporal continuity guided by constant dedication and attention.


Operate with an informed choice.
Awareness as a continuous search for information on all aspects concerning our work.


The four pillars of ROELMI RE represent not only the foundations, but also the supporting columns on which all our work stands.


ROELMI RE places the person at the centre and considers their well-being as a whole by researching the "hygiene factors": factors that are not perceptible but essential to improve productivity and the pleasure.


Our planet's resources are running out, everyone must consciously do its part. With these assumptions, we work daily to make our contribution by reducing the environmental impact of our properties by improving, for example, their energy yield.


Innovation as information and innovation as continuous updating, this is what ROELMI RE constantly seeks. Investing to improve and to grow, not only as a company but as people who work for the common good.


ROELMI RE does not obsessively seek excellence as the ultimate goal of its work, but rather an aspiration, a declaration of constant commitment that accompanies every improvement and every study done.